X-girl x Peels @NYC

On Thursday June 8, X-girl hosted a launch party for the Peels collaboration launch. Peels founder Jerome Peel hosted our party at Gonzo’s, a new recording studio and lounge on Saint Marks Street in Manhattan. One hundred of our friends attended the party, which included a DJ set by Jubilee from 7 PM until 11 PM! @jubileedj @gonzos.studios

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4The next day, on Friday June 9, we celebrated the retail release for the collaboration at KCDC skate shop in Brooklyn. KCDC provided drinks and pizza for attendees, and DJ Abi Teixeira played music throughout the event. Jerome did custom embroidery and patch sewing on site for customers who purchased the product!@inmymfbag @kcdcskateshop


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