X-girl x LeSportsac

X-girl pioneered the way into the fashion industry during the ‘Girls Movement’ becoming a staple 90’s cult classic that is even more relevant today. Paying homage to inspiration from pop culture and art, we partnered with LeSportsac on this collection to showcase our versatile styles and signature attitude.

With patches of leopard, and pops of pink, Leopard Lane Pink is a print meant for those who like to mix various colors and patterns into their wardrobe.

X-girl Memories show off the stylish, yet carefree side of both brands. This print employs button graphics and pays homage to the New York City lifestyle, with motifs that embody the city.

Reflective Gray is a chic and sleek metallic with subtle pops of lavender for a feminine contrast to its space age look.

Some of LeSportsac’s most beloved backpacks and weekenders get a street style makeover with novelty skateboard carrier straps making them the perfect function meets fashion accessory. So grab your bag, board and hit the streets!

This collab will be available at x-girl.com December 3rd,  2020.

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