X-girl for Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny has modeled for so many brands including X-girl’s lookbook and is respected as one of the most influential fashion icons from fans around the world. Chloë starred in the movie “KIDS” by Larry Clark and now works as both actor and film director.


This collection includes pieces with photos of Chloë herself, which was shot for “VICE magazine” ’s 1994 revival issue. “VICE magazine” was established in 1994 and is known for its edgy style. It’s distributed in 25 countries and is supported by many fans all over the world.

The ringer t-shirt definitely has a unique design with an iconic photo of Chloë wearing the same exact ringer t-shirt in front of a palm tree.


The collection consists of items with collages and photos of Chloë shot for covers of “VICE” printed on them. The pieces Chloë actually wore in the past will be reissued as well. As a whole it represents the year 1994 when X-girl was established. The lookbook with Chloë Sevigny modeling exclusively for this collection will also be showcased.

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