Freedom to move. Freedom from stereotypes. Freedom to choose your own style. Inspired by music and street culture. An ethos of rebellion and independence runs through Dr. Martens and X-girl. Our first collaboration in AW20 was a long time coming — a second for SS21 was inevitable.
X-girl was kick-started in 1994 when Kim Gordon and Daisy von Furth stormed the fashion stage with a guerrilla catwalk. Models, make-shift artwork and megaphones. The Girl’s Movement was born — and it wasn’t going quietly. Subversive roots and a defiant, disruptive approach to conventions make X-girl a natural partner for Dr. Martens.
For over six decades Docs have been adopted by generations of free-thinkers and history-makers. Relaxed, utilitarian silhouettes that push back against stereotypical gender roles. An anti-establishment attitude with DIY ethics. This season, we’ve teamed up with X-girl to create a new version of our towering Jadon Max boot along with a sandal stacked on a Zebrilus Quad Max sole. Big soles with even bigger attitude.
X-girl has always been interested in creating “real clothing” that allows girls to dress on their own terms — unrestricted. This tough yet relaxed attitude runs through the Dr. Martens x X-girl collection for SS21. The Jadon Max X-girl is built with a Black canvas upper with a leopard-print canvas lining — a flexible material that will move as much as our wearers do. The boots are customisable with Black or White laces. Dual branding throughout is finished with a DIY-inspired brushed silver Dr. Martens x X-girl dog tag. The Jadon Max X-girl stands tall on our sky-high Smoke Quad Max sole — for unflinching, unmissable impact.
The second part of the collection is the Strap Sandal X-girl — for a disruptive presence whatever the weather. The  Black velvet upper is contrasted with a Purple X-girl footbed and a leopard-print-lined vamp strap. The sandal’s dual branding is also finished with a brushed silver dog tag. The Strap Sandal X-girl features our tallest sandal sole yet — the towering Zebrilus Quad Max. Featuring a padded comfort collar around the ankle, this sandal is amped-up with the stamina to march as long as you need them to.
Dr. Martens x X-girl drops June 12, 2021  at x-girl.com.
The first pair of Dr. Martens boots rolled off the production line on the 1st April 1960. With its trademark yellow stitch, grooved sole and heel-loop, it was a boot for workers, initially worn by postmen and policemen; comfortable, durable and lightweight in comparison to its competitors at the time.
 Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by diverse individuals, musicians, youth cultures and tribes. These are the people who stand out from the crowd and their journey of self-expression has always been accompanied by a pair of DM’s.
The simple silhouette allows people to customise each pair; whilst on a utilitarian level their famous durability and comfort make them ideal footwear for the world of gigs and street fashion. On an emotional level, they are a flag of attitude and empowerment.
The Northamptonshire factory where it all began still exists to this day, in the village of Wollaston. A specific range of ‘Made In England’ products are manufactured here by a small, close-knit team of people schooled in traditional shoe-making and a process that hasn’t changed since our first pair six decades ago.
 ABOUT X-girl

In the summer of 1994, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, founded X-girl with her friend, Daisy von Furth, who worked in XLARGE. Mike D, one of the members of Beastie Boys, who has also been a business partner of XLARGE, asked Kim if she was interested in starting her own line.

Kim and Daisy designed “real clothing” which was the collection of what they wanted to wear. They used graphic designs on their collection. X-girl is considered as a pioneer of “Girl’s Movement” in the fashion industry, involving art and music. The logo of X-girl was designed by Mike Mills. One of his friends, Michelle Rock Wood, was the model of the well-known “face” logo that symbolizes X-girl. Later, he started to design the t-shirts and the posters of X-girl.

In 1994, X-girl opened a store in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. And in the same year, they held a first guerrilla-style fashion show in Soho, New York, which was produced by Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze. Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Rock Wood joined the show as models.

X-girl continues to offer “Real Girl’s Clothing”- basic style that are inspired by rock, military, outdoor, sports, and many other street culture factors.
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